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Author: Gary Lougee - Updates Fridays
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About the Comic:

George the Dragon was born in May of 2004. He started on Gary's dry erase board at work. It was amusing and made the coworkers happy. One strip was drawn. It was loved by all. So then another strip was drawn. It was loved too. So, wow, the comic bug bit Gary but good and he began to draw all sorts of strips about green dragons.

Things really escalated in August of 2007, however. A coworkers of his (D0m) convinced Gary to host his comic on Drunk Duck AND get a drawing tablet. Since that day, there have been over a years worth of consistent weekly updates of George and his antics.

George the Dragon

About the Author:

Gary Lougee is a Cartographer by trade. He spends his days making maps and his nights drawing comics and writing fantasy stories. He lives with his beautiful wife in Washington D.C.

Gary Lougee

Awards and Reviews

Year Group Category/Award Won Finalist Nominated
2010 Drunk Duck Best All Ages X X
best abstract/random X
best anthropomorphic X
best humor X
best overall strip X
2009 Drunk Duck Best All Ages X
Best Humor X
Best Overall Strip X
Best Website Design X
2008 Drunk Duck Best abstract/random X
Best Fantasy X
Best Humor X

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