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Author: Gary Lougee - Updates Fridays
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Originally Posted March 19, 2009

Good morning all you faithful dragon followers!

I promise that this is the LAST strip that has to do with the Carnival. This is the original ending I had. It was supposed to be a one-two punch, but then I had to draw that in-between page. I'm weak. :)

I'm really quite happy with how George's expression came out on this page.

Also of note, I tried a slightly different method for the inking. Instead of inking with black, I inked with a darker version of the main body color in hopes that it would have a softer effect on the drawing.


Uploaded by glougee at 06:37 on 30 January

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Lots of updates

Gravatar Posted 19:34
Sun 24 July
by glougee

Well, you'll notice that activity around here has increase 100 fold. I'm trying to get caught up with the archive. At my current speed I may accomplish that in 2-4 months.... :D

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