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George the Dragon webcomic logo - Dragon eating nachos
Author: Gary Lougee - Updates Fridays
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Comic #129
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Will Work for Nachos

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Author's Comment

Good Morning!

This comic was drawn in Dallas. That's right, I'm on another Business trip and I'm stuck using the slow laptop again. Which means that this took a lot longer than planned :D

This isn't quite in line with recent events or anything. Just a funny image I came up with. If you would like to see the original sketch, head on over to my sketchbook (link below the comic and to the right).


Uploaded by glougee at 20:00 on 20 June

Reader's Comments

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Rough couple of months

Gravatar Posted 05:07
Sun 09 June
by glougee

So, things have been slow here since October. I'm working on fixing that. I was engaged in a lot of home repair and home renovation. It's amazing how much time houses can suck away :D

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